Exams Contingency Plan

Contingency Plan for Exams during School Closure

Exams Contingency Plan

In the event of the College having to close due to inclement weather or an emergency when there are external timetabled exams taking place please see below the College’s guidelines.

The College’s contingency team will assess the situation on site before making a decision to either fully or partially close. All announcements will be made via the College’s website, Isle of Wight Radio and the Isle of Wight County Press by 7.45am.

In the event of a scheduled external exam taking place we will endeavour to remain open for those who can get into College but as part of our duty of care this will depend on us being able to provide a safe environment for the students. We do have permission from the exam boards that we can delay the start of the exam by one hour. In the event of the College being completely closed, with the exam board’s consent, the exam can be moved to the following day.

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